Closing the Books

Course objectives: Cut off dates. House keeping Completing School Financial Value Standards Completing Integrated Curriculum & Financial Planning Trainer: Elizabeth Rarieya-Thomas

Closing the Books2023-10-25T15:24:33+01:00

Preparing for Audit

Course objectives: Why undergo audit? Definitions of assurances Areas of audit Trainer: Elizabeth Rarieya-Thomas

Preparing for Audit2023-09-20T09:54:55+01:00

School Census

Course Objectives: School census determining funding allocation. What data is required in the census? ​How to submit your census? How to validate

School Census2023-09-19T13:44:25+01:00

Effective Budget Monitoring

Why perform budget monitoring? What does a budget monitoring meeting involve? What does you need to consider when preparing budget monitoring reports?

Effective Budget Monitoring2023-09-19T13:14:08+01:00


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