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These twice yearly meetings for computing leads offer opportunities for networking, sharing good practice with HEP primary computing colleagues, providing a forum for discussing and improving subject knowledge.


  • Networking and sharing good practice with primary computing colleagues.
  • Providing a forum for discussing and improving subject knowledge.
  • Updates on local and national initiatives, projects, and resources in computing

The Autumn Term 2023 session

  • Introducing new subject leads to the group
  • Where is your school in relation to curriculum, equipment, training? Discussion
  • Set up support networks – experienced Computing leads supporting new subject leaders.
  • The session will dedicate time to exploring the ever-evolving landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in primary education. Participants will delve into the exciting opportunities AI presents while also acknowledging and addressing potential risks and challenges.
  • Any other questions
  • Follow up needs for your school.

Trainer: Mary Rebelo


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