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These two sessions are directed towards those in senior leadership who are thinking about the move to headship, whether in the short or maybe longer term.

These sessions will be led by Steve Wilks, who was previously Headteacher of Oaks Park High School in Redbridge.  Steve’s current roles include working as a consultant improvement partner for HEP and working as a consultant for ASCL. He has enormous experience in the appointment of Headteachers, and supports Governors with recruiting the suitable candidate for their school.

During these sessions, Steve will be considering:

  • What is distinctive about headship? How is being a head different from being a senior leader?
  • What are your key concerns about applying for headship?
  • How do you ready yourself for the role?
  • What are your strengths?
  • How can you develop your experience and learning in areas where you are less confident?
  • Writing the best application
  • Preparing for the selection process

The two sessions will be held in person at the HEP training rooms, 1.30-4pm on:

  • Thursday 25 January 2024
  • Thursday 22 February 2024



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