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Audience: SLT with EY Leadership responsibility, EY Leads, Nursery and Reception Year Group Leads

Course Outline

In this 4-session course, explore ways to become a forward thinking and confident EY Lead. Take your team with you on the journey – develop your shared vision, values and approach. Collaborate, share ideas and interact with other EY Leads. Join us for some thoughtful discussions and leave with practical solutions and take-aways to trial in your school.

Session One

  • Leadership styles and auditing your practice
  • The influence of theory on current practice so you can confidently explain why you do what you do
  • Curious children and deeper inquiry-based learning experiences

Throughout the course we will be inviting participants to reflect, have a go, bring and share:

  • UW/STEM pedagogical documentation through the use of floor books
  • Core texts and rhymes that are culturally diverse and high quality

Trainers: Peter Eadie–Catling & Sue Moss

Navigating the Early Years Leadership Maze is a 4-part series. For more information about the upcoming dates, click here.

Dates: Mon 22.1.24, Mon 26.2.24, Mon 18.3.24, Mon 29.4.24

(Participants are expected to attend all 4 sessions)

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