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Formative Assessment is the proven, single most important thing we can do in schools to raise attainment and develop high student self-efficacy.

Shirley Clarke, a world expert in formative assessment, takes you through the interdependent pieces of the formative assessment jigsaw, linking evidence with current practice drawn from her many Learning Teams. Examples across the age range and video clips of the elements in practice bring the research to life.

This course consists of:

  • How to build pupil self-efficacy (belief in your ability to achieve) and what not to do;
  • Developing a learning language throughout the school;
  • Activating children as learning resources for each other through powerful learning partners and effective talk;
  • Key factors in planning the curriculum and raising the status of knowledge;
  • Clarifying how to co-construct success criteria for procedural knowledge;
  • What we know about memory and how we can free-up space in children’s working memory and build their long term memory;
  • Feedback: maximising in-lesson and minimising post-lesson.

Trainer: Shirley Clarke


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